Balanced Heart Healing Center is a new approach to healthcare and the delivery of healthcare services on several levels.

1. Traditionally, people have entered the healthcare system through their bodies.  Balanced Heart Healing Center’s starting point is the power of the mind to create both health and illness, so mental health, coaching and wellness services, and health education are where we begin.  Everything begins with a thought, so we help you learn to take charge of your thoughts, and make sure that they serve your greatest health and well-being.  This includes learning to flow through life rather than giving yourself stress thoughts (stress is the belief that what’s happening shouldn’t be).  It includes stepping out of fear, and into loving and supporting both yourself and others.  It includes believing that ALL things are possible, not just everything except what you most want.  We support you to activate your natural ability to heal whatever you believe is unhealed in you, and manifest all the dreams in your heart!

2. Balanced Heart Healing Center is committed to unconditional care. This means that if a client does not have insurance to pay for a needed service (traditional or complementary/alternative), we allow them to determine their own fee by making a donation that is affordable to them and fair to both of us.  We do not have a sliding fee scale, because we believe that each person’s circumstances are unique and we trust them to determine what is both affordable and fair.  We also do not provide free services.  At Balanced Heart Healing Center, we believe that each person has something of value to give, as well as something of value to receive from us.  Offering our services without some exchange of value would support the belief that some people are unable to support themselves or are incapable of sustainable mutual support, and we would never want to do that!

3. Balanced Heart Healing Center is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit social enterprise utilizing a unique, financially sustainable business model to demonstrate our belief that it is indeed possible for everyone to support not only themselves, but also other people as well.  We intend to show people who believe differently how we are doing it.  Our business model is based upon the power of leveraging both donated services and partnerships with like-minded individuals, organizations and businesses.  Many people still believe that affordable, sustainable healthcare for all people is not possible, and we aim to demonstrate that is!  Because we believe in affordable, sustainable healthcare, we emphasize proactive wellness support, illness prevention, health education, personal responsibility, and mutual aid.  Balanced Heart Healing Center provides both online and in-person resources to balance mind, body, and spirit, to reduce stress, promote personal growth, activate your body’s own healing resources, facilitate optimal health and well-being, and contribute to sustainable community-building.

4. Balanced Heart Healing Center offers integrative, holistic care for mind, body and spirit.  We believe that physical illnesses contains a mental component that determines the way and extent to which illness is expressed in the body, and that when we do not give proper attention to our mental health for long enough, it eventually expresses through physical illnesses in order to draw attention to the need to take better care of ourselves.  Did you know many research studies show that approximately 80% of all visits to primary care physicians are for stress-related symptoms?  How affordable do you imagine healthcare would be if we all took responsibility for identifying and reducing the stress in our lives?  How much less would we spend on anti-depressants, anti-anxiety drugs, sleep, blood pressure, ulcer and other medications?   For too long we have attempted to break our lives and our bodies into separate parts, and the truth is that every part of our life and our body affects and is affected by all the others.  Just like in a family, when one part changes, all other parts must adjust to that change in some way.

Balanced Heart Healing Center serves both individuals and organizations.  Consistent with our belief in sustainable mutual support, we are committed to serving veterans, first responders, and others who have laid their own lives on the line for us.

Balanced Heart Healing Center is a very big dream!  Imagine everyone having access to the opportunities described above.  It is a dream of all people healing their relationships with themselves and their bodies, all living beings, and the planet we share.  We believe that with sufficient organizational and technological resources to connect open-hearted healers willing to share their gifts freely and people with unmet needs, all people can have affordable access to healthcare.  It is a dream of building a sustainable global community of people “living love”.  It is a dream of living in a “both/and world” where all things are possible, rather than an “either/or world” that separates us from ourselves, other people, and our dreams.

Love is the soil in which all things grow.  Will you join us?  For information on how to do that, please check out the drop downs under the “Take Action” tab.