Mission & Core Values

In partnership with donors, providers, and clients, Balanced Heart Healing Center’s mission is  to heal in mind, body, and spirit; educate for optimal health and well-being; and inspire with our inclusive and unconditional model of healthcare delivery that is affordable and sustainable for all.

10 Principles

The 10 Principles below are the heart and soul of Balanced Heart Healing Center. They form an integrated program for psychological and spiritual growth, and are the shared value base out of which we are birthing our dreams into the world. We aspire to live these principles in our life and work, as they guide the way we care for ourselves and others.

1. Open your heart and trust
2. Give and receive without attachment to the outcome
3. Create safety for yourself and others
4. Welcome everything as a blessing, especially when it doesn’t look like one
5. See only goodness (aka Love)
7. Take responsibility for everything…NO exceptions
8. Let go of what no longer serves you
9. Have no judgments, so truth can be revealed
10. Be the miracle you want to create
©2002, Katharine C. McCorkle

Unconditional care

Providing unconditional care is fundamental to our mission and to the exponential social impact we seek.  We believe that everyone has something to give and something to receive, so we allow people who are unable to pay our usual fees to make an affordable donation in exchange for services.  Unconditional care empowers people with limited means to develop the capacity and the desire to support not only themselves but also others.

Our model for unconditional care works as follows: Healing-Donors provide unconditional care and allow BHHC to keep insurance reimbursement and self-pay revenue generated by their donated services.  Healing-Partners pay a fee for administrative services provided to them, and are guaranteed a minimum fee for serving unconditional care clients. By accepting insurance reimbursement, client self-payments, and allowing uninsured clients to make self-determined, affordable donations as full payment for our services, BHHC serves both insured and uninsured clients equally and affordably.  Insurance reimbursement, client payments, provider fees, and donations fund BHHC’s administrative costs and unconditional care to uninsured clients.