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Our sustainable business model depends upon open-hearted donors and partners.  Here’s how our model for unconditional care works. Healing-Donors provide service to our clients and allow Balanced Heart Healing Center (BHHC) to keep any insurance reimbursement and self-pay revenue generated by their donated services.  Healing-Partners pay a fee for administrative services provided to them (billing, marketing, etc.), and are guaranteed a minimum fee for serving unconditional care clients. By accepting insurance reimbursement, client self-payments, and allowing uninsured clients to make self-determined, affordable donations as full payment for our services, BHHC serves both insured and uninsured clients equally and affordably.  Insurance reimbursement, client payments, provider fees, and donations fund BHHC’s administrative costs and unconditional care to uninsured clients.


 Balanced Heart Model for Unconditional Care


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