Heart of Gold Meditation (FREE)

Picture of Dr. Katie

Click HERE to download Dr. Katie’s “Heart of Gold” audio meditation for FREE! In this meditation, you will discover the one or two words that describe your loving essence…the truth of who you are. Once you know those words, life gets very simple. Your only job is to BE those words all the time…no matter what you’re doing, who you’re with, or what’s going on around you. Once you know those words that describe your loving essence, the journey is about growing ever more consistent in showing up in your life as those words.

By BEing those one or two words, by bringing more of whatever those words are (mine are “Love” and “Healing”) into the world, you heal your own heart and the heart of everyone you touch. When you feel anything less than joyful, simply ask yourself “How might I bring more of my one or two words (love and healing, etc.) into this moment or situation right now?”



Blessings of joy!

Dr. Katie